Who Sings The Hyundai Commercial

If you’ve been watching television lately, you may have noticed a catchy commercial for Hyundai featuring a lively and upbeat song. The commercial has garnered a lot of attention, with many people wondering who sings the song in the ad. In this article, we will delve into the mystery of who sings the Hyundai commercial song, as well as provide you with 8 interesting facts about the artist.

The artist behind the song in the Hyundai commercial is none other than indie pop singer/songwriter, Maggie Rogers. Maggie Rogers gained widespread recognition after a video of her playing her song “Alaska” for Pharrell Williams went viral in 2016. Since then, she has released two albums and has been featured in various commercials and television shows.

Here are 8 interesting facts about Maggie Rogers:

1. Early Life: Maggie Rogers was born on April 25, 1994, in Easton, Maryland. She grew up in a rural area surrounded by nature, which greatly influenced her music.

2. Musical Background: Rogers began playing the harp at a young age and later learned to play guitar and piano. She draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including folk, pop, and electronic music.

3. Education: Rogers attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she honed her songwriting and production skills. It was during her time at Berklee that she wrote and recorded the song “Alaska,” which would later catapult her to fame.

4. Influences: Rogers cites a wide range of artists as influences, including folk legend Joni Mitchell, electronic duo Daft Punk, and pop superstar Beyoncé. Her music blends elements of these diverse genres to create a unique sound.

5. Rise to Fame: After the viral video of her playing “Alaska” for Pharrell Williams, Rogers signed with a major record label and released her debut album, “Heard It in a Past Life,” in 2019. The album received critical acclaim and spawned several hit singles.

6. Activism: In addition to her music, Rogers is also passionate about social and environmental issues. She has used her platform to advocate for causes such as climate change and LGBTQ rights.

7. Collaborations: Rogers has collaborated with a number of artists, including electronic producer ZHU and folk singer-songwriter The Tallest Man on Earth. She has also toured with acts such as Mumford & Sons and Haim.

8. Future Projects: Rogers is currently working on new music and has hinted at a follow-up to her debut album. Fans can expect more infectious pop hooks and introspective lyrics from this talented artist.

Now that you know a bit more about Maggie Rogers, let’s address some common questions about the Hyundai commercial and the song featured in it:

1. What is the name of the song in the Hyundai commercial?

The song in the Hyundai commercial is “Love You For A Long Time” by Maggie Rogers.

2. Is “Love You For A Long Time” a new song?

Yes, “Love You For A Long Time” was released as a single in 2019 and is one of the standout tracks from Maggie Rogers’ debut album, “Heard It in a Past Life.”

3. What is the message behind the song?

“Love You For A Long Time” is a catchy and upbeat love song that celebrates the enduring nature of a romantic relationship. The lyrics convey a sense of commitment and devotion to a loved one.

4. Why did Hyundai choose this song for their commercial?

Hyundai likely chose “Love You For A Long Time” for its catchy melody and positive message, which align well with the brand’s image of innovation and forward-thinking.

5. Who directed the Hyundai commercial?

The Hyundai commercial was directed by acclaimed filmmaker and music video director, Autumn de Wilde.

6. Where was the Hyundai commercial filmed?

The Hyundai commercial was filmed in various locations around Los Angeles, California, including downtown LA and the Hollywood Hills.

7. Has Maggie Rogers appeared in any other commercials?

Yes, Maggie Rogers has been featured in commercials for brands such as Nike and Gap, showcasing her broad appeal and versatility as an artist.

8. What other songs has Maggie Rogers released?

In addition to “Love You For A Long Time,” Maggie Rogers has released a number of other singles and albums, including “Alaska,” “Fallingwater,” and “Light On.”

9. Are there any upcoming tour dates for Maggie Rogers?

As of now, Maggie Rogers does not have any scheduled tour dates, but fans can stay updated on her website and social media for any announcements.

10. What sets Maggie Rogers apart from other artists in the music industry?

Maggie Rogers’ unique blend of folk, pop, and electronic influences, as well as her introspective lyrics and powerful vocals, set her apart from other artists in the music industry.

11. How can I listen to more of Maggie Rogers’ music?

You can stream Maggie Rogers’ music on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, or purchase her albums on iTunes or Amazon.

12. Has Maggie Rogers won any awards for her music?

Maggie Rogers has been nominated for several awards, including a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2020. While she did not win, the nomination was a testament to her talent and impact on the music industry.

13. What is Maggie Rogers’ creative process like when writing and recording music?

Maggie Rogers takes a hands-on approach to her music, often writing and producing her own songs. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences and surroundings, creating music that is both intimate and relatable.

14. How does Maggie Rogers engage with her fans?

Maggie Rogers is active on social media and regularly interacts with her fans through posts, live streams, and Q&A sessions. She also makes an effort to connect with her audience at concerts and events.

15. What can we expect from Maggie Rogers in the future?

Fans can expect more great music and impactful performances from Maggie Rogers in the future. With her unique sound and genuine approach to songwriting, she is sure to continue making waves in the music industry.

In conclusion, the Hyundai commercial featuring the song “Love You For A Long Time” by Maggie Rogers has captured the hearts of viewers with its infectious melody and positive message. Maggie Rogers’ talent and creativity shine through in her music, making her a standout artist in the indie pop scene. With her continued success and dedication to her craft, there is no doubt that Maggie Rogers will continue to impress audiences around the world. So next time you hear the Hyundai commercial, remember that it’s Maggie Rogers’ voice that is taking you on a musical journey.

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